Milano, 28 July 2012

Milan has always been a dream of mine ever since I was a student at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology back in the late eighties. The turning point for me back then was an article in an issue of American Photographer back in 1988 (there was one other article in that same issue which covered the then new trend of photographing shoes, in which the author termed "footography", but I digress.) Anyway, that article which made the turning point for me was about how back then many photographers who were somewhat disenchanted of the job situation in NewYork fled to Milan to seek work and soon discovered that they were getting lots more work than they did in New York. It was then that I thought hey, Milan is the place to be... And it is!


  1. Wow. extra blog

    Zapraszam cie do siebie. Jestem młoda projektantką mody i będzie mi niezmiernie miło jak mnie odwiedzisz. Niedługo również moje zdjęcia w kolekcji.
    obserwuję i liczę na to samo :)

  2. I want the sandals from the first pic :)


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