Monday, August 22, 2011

Paris, 22 August 2011

Today is the last day in Paris for Michèle and I before heading back to New York, and it was a day filled with last minute shopping and visiting friends and relatives. Of course there were the bevy of stylish women including my lovely wife Michèle. See you all soon in the big apple!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thônex, Switzerland, 07 August 2011

First, on the down side... Just after Michèle and I drove across the border from France into Switzerland, we were greeted with this horrible poster from a far-right swiss political group that is against immigration. But it was wonderful to notice that someone had the good sense to correct that by writing, "la connerie," which in french means "the stupidity." Bravo!

Genève, 07-08 August 2011

And now the upside... Michèle and I had just spent our weekend in Geneva, Switzerland, where there were activities everywhere. Whether there was a fête alongside Lake Geneva, or a game of beach rugby, there was always something to do. But what really caught my eye was the overwhelming amount of stylish women. And what I've also noticed is that since Geneva is generally a french-speaking city, I've heard plenty of other languages there; which explains a cap that I saw at a souvenir stand that read: "Genève - City of The World." Et voilà!